Interview mit einem Vampir

Von Wolfram Saringer
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Inzwischen sollten die sog. 419-Scams (benannt nach dem nigerianischen Strafrechtsparagraphen, der sich auf eben diese bezieht) bekannt sein -- trotzdem scheint das noch immer äusserst lukrativ zu sein. Schon spannend, in wie weit Gier jedwede Vernunft auszuschalten imstande ist...

In einem Interview mit einem Mitglied einer solchen Gang gefunden:

"John: We had something called the recovery approach. A few months after the original scam, we would approach the victim again, this time pretending to be from the FBI, or the Nigerian Authorities. The email would tell the victim that we had caught a scammer and had found all of the details of the original scam, and that the money could be recovered. Of course there would be fees involved as well. Victims would often pay up again to try and get their money back."

Social Engineering at its best...