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After much contemplation (and an associated long long pause) there is life again at Having cut down activity in other outlets such as my plan is to aggregate the topics I have on my mind here on a domain and CM/S under my own control: sometimes what amounts to a rant is too long for a forum anyway, and may distract from the discussion at hand -- so here's a better place for this content to live.

Keeping with the intended audience some articles will be in English (hopefully at an acceptable level), but most content will still be in German. Pure technical notes / how-tos will still live at though

Political commentary might take a backseat in the future -- Austrian politics especially already include the comedy part without external commentary, so I'll maybe keep to compiling and highlighting extracts. Like Karl Kraus said about his masterpiece "Die letzten Tage der Menschheit": the most incredible parts are verbatim citations.

New content will include commentary on headphones, though not what would generally be called reviews. For one, I'm definitely not interested in that business (but have some things to say about it). Plus I'm trying to keep from buying all the new toys: there's so much junk there that I don't see the fun in digging through it anymore.

There's some commentary on books to come, since I have a renewed interest in reading for the past years, which got even more involved during lockdown. Amazon links for books will be replaced by links to the local book store , whose staff is happy to take on every order (and they even ship for free within Austria).