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Von Wolfram Saringer
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This is a set I've literally waited for for years. Maybe that's part of the reason, why I just seem to be unable to make me like them.

I own lots of Apple's stuff. And I like almost all I have or have had. Many I love. Why not this one? It looks OK (hm, maybe a first indicator? Just OK?), sounds good (no, like really good), works just fine, comfort is good (not stellar) and yet I have to force myself to get them out of their (custom) case from time to time. If I do, I marvel at their good (though not perfect) sound, their impeccable ability to let environment sounds through selectively, to bind to various Apple devices -- and put them aside rather sooner than later, getting back to my favorite M-100. Which is far less perfect, yet... I love it. The AirPods Max? Not.

This is vexing me since I got them in October or something like that. I did not like their looks much when presented, those rather bland looking large cups are just not what I consider beautiful. So I ordered the space gray ones. Now they live in their custom case (the bra case included with them I consider an insult to the eyes) for more than half a year, with maybe one trip to my ears per month. If at all.

Writing this down I feel almost as if I hated them. For being not as perfect as hoped for I guess. They are far from bad, and one of the best (if not the best) wireless headphone available. Yet somehow I expected more from Apple. Unreasonable I guess... their ANC just kills it, best I've ever experienced (and yes, I tried those abominations by Sony...), their sound is really good. Like, really good. Not perfect. But more than good for its price range and especially its feature category.

Somehow I expected it to be the end all thing, allowing me to through out the rest of my collection and live happily with this one set. That did not happen, and is maybe at the root of my frustration with them. Maybe I should just sell them and move on.

Overall it *is* an excellent headphone. It's just not connecting to me.